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Planning issue on Program Board is misleading


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      Issue Summary

      On the program board, when assigning a team to a story the parent feature appears in the team's swimlane on the program board. If you remove that story from the parent feature, the parent feature remains in the team's swimlane but has language "This Feature has no Stories" even though there are stories, just none assigned to thhat team for that Feature in that swimlane.  

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Assign a team to a story with a parent feature
      2. Go to program board, and see the parent feature in team swimlane
      3. Remove team's story from parent feature
      4. Notice how feature stays in team's swimlane
      5. See the planning issue text

      Expected Results

      Should say "This Feature has no stories assigned to this team."

      Actual Results

      Currently says "This Feature has no stories assigned."


      No workaround

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