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[JIRAALIGN-1394] Scope Change Report: Scope Change Line Isn't Accurate Based On Total Point



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      Issue Summary

      The Scope Change Report is showing incorrect story points totals for the scope line. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 PI must exist in the system and must be tied to a program. 
      2. Step 2 Features must be created and tied to the PI. 
      3. Step 3 Stories, with point values, must be created and tied to features. 
      4. Step 4 Point estimates must be added to stories; estimates must be added to features, based on estimation methodology configured in the Administration module. 
      5. Step 5 Estimation method must be defined and configured in the Administration module, using the Monte Carlo Simulation setting. 
      6. Step 6 Run Scope Change Report "How has scoped changed during the Program Increment"

      Expected Results

      Blue line should correspond with feature burnup on PIP: SUM of LOE for all stories assigned to features currently planned for Tier 1 Program and PI

      • Misaligned sprint stories not included.
      • If a feature is multi-program, only the LOE on child stories assigned to the Tier 1 Program will be calculated.
      • If a feature or its child stories are dropped, deleted, or cancelled after the start of the PI, then subtract the stories' LOE from the scope on that date showing a decrease in scope.


      And, TW estimation line is being remove in scope of: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JIRAALIGN-1798


      This view should build top-down, using story points assigned to features. 

      All Starting Points counter = sum of LOE of all story points assigned to a feature at the beginning of a PI

      Points added counter = sum of LOE of all story points added to existing or new features assigned to PI, after PI start date

      Points removed counter = sum of LOE of all story points removed to existing or removed features assigned to PI, after PI started date

      Points Delivered = sum of LOE of all accepted story points assigned to features during PI

      Actual Results

      We are seeing incorrect totals for the blue line on the graph. Please see all the screenshots attached. 


      No workaround at this tie


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