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[JIRAALIGN-1331] Work Tree Team View Doesn't Filter By PI


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      Issue Summary

      worktree team view (extra config & tier one) don't filter out by PI/release. Users expect that if the tier one is set to only filter associated work related to that team & the PI the report would do so. This isn't the case. 

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1 - Navigate to the work tree view
      2. Step 2 - Select a team & a PI/Release tier one
      3. Step 3 - Enable Team View via extra config
      4. Step 4 - Notice the work that appears in the view

      Expected Results

      PM ER: Team view should function like the Bottoms-up view with the additional filter of the team selection. So with that said, we should consider the tier 1  PI selection in this view.

      Supports View:

      If we allow users to select a PI/Release in the tier one we should show the expected data, if we have a limitation on showing the data or there is an internal reason why we have configured this report this way then we shouldn't allow users to filter by team in the tier on or PI/Release, and if we are going to allow and keep the logic the same we should at least show a message that would level set a users expectations of this view. 

      Actual Results

      We show work tied to the team (via extra config) that's across all PIs not just the tier one selection


      No workaround at this time

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