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Performance - Enterprise Strategy Tree does not Load


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      Issue Summary

      Trying to load Enterprise -> Strategy Tree Report to load, picking single Portfolio and single QPI. Page spins but loads with blank. This was attempted with different Portfolios and QPIs entered into the Tier 1 menu with no improvement in behavior. Occasionally, users are also met with a "504 Gateway Timeout" error. This is due to inefficiencies with the product being able to render large amounts of data on this page, which has a negative impact on performance.

      Steps to Reproduce

      This does not reproduce on every instance. The likelihood of this happening increases on instances that contain a large amount of data.

      1. In Tier 1, Enter a portfolio and a Program Increment
      2. On the left menu Select Enterprise -> Strategy Tree Report
      3. When on the page, select a snapshot

      Expected Results

      The page should load data on demand (when the user expands a section).

      Actual Results

      Per this issue summary, the page spins for over minute and, if it doesn't end up throwing a 504 error, no data ever loads on the page.


      Currently there is no known workaround for this behavior. A workaround will be added here when available

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