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Invite emails lost for blocked email addresses


      Status Update

      Hi All, In the last couple of days we rolled out a change on the backend that removes a lot of pain associated with this problem. When a site admin clicks resend on the users screen in Site Administration it will first remove them from the bounce list if they were previously added and then try to re-send the email.

      Remember to be added to the bounce list in the first place means there was originally a problem with the mailbox we are sending to. This still needs to be resolved first for the mail to be received by the user, i.e mailbox doesn’t exist, mailbox is full, incorrectly setup on the mail server etc. If you hit resend and you have not fixed the local issue, it will become re-blocked when attempting to deliver the mail.

      However with this change it should now be much easier and quicker to test and resolve any local issues. Without needing to contact support.

      If mail is blocked or re-blocked you will not be notified of it, nor will we notify you if it was removed from the block list. Any successful delivery messages are reports that we were able to deliver to our upstream mail server successfully. Due to the asynchronous nature of how email works this isn’t easily surfaced immediately if that users mailbox has a problem and has bounced. It can take sometime for this to be noticed based on queuing and retries of various mail systems along the way. That said we do have plans to provide this functionality but will take extra time to scope out how we could implement this feature. We wanted to get this fix out first.


      For some reason, an invalid email address can find its way in Atlassian Accounts (e.g., the email address does not exist yet because it is being created as part of the same workflow). When the issue for the invalid email address has been fixed, email invitations can no longer be sent from Atlassian Cloud because the email address has already been blocked in the back-end. Furthermore, Atlassian Cloud will show a misleading notification that the email has been sent.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In the User Management page of a cloud instance, create a user using an invalid email (email address not yet created or mailbox is full). Make sure to check Send invitation email.
      2. Fix the issue for the email address and make sure it is able to receive emails properly.
      3. Recreate the user or resend the invite in the cloud instance using the same email address.

      Expected Results

      Atlassian Cloud should specify that the email invitation was not sent or even specify that the email was blocked.

      Actual Results

      User will be notified that the email has been sent.


      Although email bounce mainly happens in invite flow, it potentially happens to every type of emails due to receiver's email unavailability.


      **Updated: with the latest fix, you're now able to unblock a recipient email that you suspect was blocked via the 'Resend' link in User Management. This will unblock emails automatically before resending

      For newly created accounts, please, wait for a few hours before inviting them to your Atlassian Cloud apps, this will allow time for the server to replicate the account.

      Please contact Atlassian Support to check if the status of the email address.

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