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Update the "Oops, you've made a malformed request" error message to a more adequate one and provide a URL in plain text



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      Problem Definition

      Sometimes, when a customer tries to reset their Atlassian Account's password, the following error is thrown:

      OOPS, YOU'VE MADE A MALFORMED REQUEST. If you came here from a link we sent you, please contact support.

      Suggested Solution

      Although potentially there's a variety of reasons why we see this error, one of the reason is broken link from mail client which handles HTML as plain-text.
      Therefore, it should be nice to provide a way to copy-and-paste the link like the image below.


      Most of the times this issue is resolved by:

      1. Clearing browser's cache.
      2. Disabling browser extensions or trying in private browsing mode.
      3. Turning on and off referrer protection.
      4. In case you use Capture for Jira, disable it
      5. Open the email in HTML (not in plain text)

      It'd be interesting if the message would provide more relevant information so that the customers could be pointed towards a resolution for themselves.


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