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Allow additional methods of verifying a domain for administrators



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      Atlassian Update: 30 March 2017

      Hello Everyone,

      We have introduced DNS TXT method as an additional method to claim your domain. This option is available under "Domains" in Site administration. For more info, check out our documentation on Managed accounts and domain claim verification.

      A bit about our vision

      At Atlassian we believe that everyone should be able to collaborate together in teams to create amazing things, and do so with the confidence their data is safe. Find out more about our vision.

      We've designed Atlassian account as your single passport into any team you collaborate with on Atlassian cloud products. By authenticating with Atlassian account you gain the ability to navigate between all the teams you are a member of, without the need to revalidate who you are. With an Atlassian account, it's easy to join and be invited to collaborate.

      When teams form, they often work on sensitive information. We understand that protecting this information is paramount for many teams and organisations. We aim to provide the administrators of teams as well as the members within those teams with tools to protect themselves and their data.

      So what's next?
      We are progressively upgrading all our cloud customers to Atlassian account and expected to complete this roll out by early May 2017. 

      We recommend verifying your user's email domain(s) before upgrading to Atlassian account to maintain continuity of your password policy. Once we switch you to Atlassian account, your password policy will apply to all users on verified domain(s) when Atlassian account is enabled. Users will not be logged out during this transition and they will continue to have access to the site, without the need to change their password.

      Stay in contact with us
      We'd like to continue to work with you to understand your specific use case and how any of these changes affect you. Please continue to post your comments and feedback.


      Atlassian Product Management


      We receive a lot of requests for new features and improvements, so if you'd like to better understand how we make roadmap decisions, please read: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DEV/Implementation+of+New+Features+Policy


      HTTPS verification

      The HTTPS domain verification as documented on Managed accounts and domain claim verification will work for a large number of our customers.

      DNS verification

       DNS TXT—Copy a TXT record to your domain name system (DNS). It may take up to 72 hours for the TXT record changes take effect, but it will most likely happen sooner.


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