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User suggestion while adding users in Crowd Groups is confusing


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      • While adding users in Crowd Groups under Direct Members tab, if the user is already present on the current page and we try to find the user, it is not found which is as expected. However, if any other user is picked from a different page but it exist in the Group and if it is searched on the current page, we are able to see the user as well as add the user.

      Duplication does not happen, however it is very confusing for the end user who thinks that if the suggestion is appearing and user is getting added, it might be not part of the group.


      • The end user wants that if we try to search for a user to be added in the group, if it is already a part of group, it should not be shown in the suggestion box irrespective of any page or an alert should be shown while adding that this user already exist.

      PFA the vide for the replication of the issue


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