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Allow to switch Confluence to read-only mode



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      It can be very usefull to have an abillity to switch confluence in read-only mode. During our last problems with database, which is hosted several application including Confluence and Jira, all mentioned services was unavailable. It is desirable to be able to run some kind of backup instance of Confluence in read-only mode: data can be searched and viewed, but not modified. This could decrease downtime during upgrade, too.

      Several members of our team really suffer, if they havn't loved wiki online.

      Atlassian Update - June 2018

      Read-only mode is now available in our Data Center deployment option from version 6.10 (release notes), to help admins perform routine maintenance, recover from unexpected problems, or prepare to migrate content to a new site. Admins can temporarily put their site in "read-only mode" to limit the actions that end users can do. Users will be able to view pages and their history, but not create, edit, comment, copy or move content.
      If you own an add-on/app for Confluence, check out the How to make your add-on compatible with read-only mode.

      If you are a Server customer interested in this feature, please vote on CONFSERVER-55071: Allow non-Data Center customers to switch Confluence to read-only mode. It would be great if you could also articulate how you would intend to use this feature.


      Adam Barnes - Confluence PM


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