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As a Confluence Administrator I should be able to enable a System App (or a module) from the UPM UI if it is currently disabled



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      Problem Definition

      Sometimes a System App, or a module of a System App, might be disabled while Confluence is running or during startup. This could happen by a bug on Confluence or modified directly from the database.
      A Confluence administrator isn't able to enable this App/Module from the Universal Plugin Manager UI, requiring some downtime to restart the application when the problem is identified.

      Note that this enhancement is not targeted on being able to disable these Apps/modules, but solely on the ability to enable them.

      Suggested Solution

      When a System App (or module of a system app) is disabled, give the Confluence Administrator the ability to enable it from the UPM UI.


      Use UPM REST API

      Call UPM REST API to change the status of a given plugin or a single module

      Directly updating the database

      Enable the App or the module via data manipulation on the database.
      Refer to the following KB articles on how to accomplish it:


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