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Editing a document that has special characters in the document's name fails when using the Companion App.


      Issue Summary

      In Windows, if a document's name do not contain spaces and has a "&" character and the user tries to use the Companion App to edit the document, the Companion App will return an error and will fail to launch. This has been tested on Word documents and documents with the .txt extension but we believe that the behavior is the same across all other document types.


      • Windows

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a word document. Name it a&b.docx
      2. Upload it to Confluence
      3. Attempt to Edit the document.

      Expected Results

      Companion App launches and the document can be edited using the related application.

      Actual Results

      A "Windows cannot find" the document error is is returned. (see attachment)
      In some cases, the companion app just hangs and does not return any error message.

      Tested Scenarios:

      • a&b will fail
      • a&bababa will fail
      • a & b will work
      • Financial Sample & (test) etc will work
      • FinancialSample&(test)etc.xls will fail


      Change the document's name by removing the "&" character.

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