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Confluence UI shows garbled or corrupt text on CAPTCHA, macros and/or diagrams due to missing fonts in Linux


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    • 6.2.1, 6.3.4, 6.4.0, 6.5.2, 6.6.0
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      Macro header shows garbled text and weird symbols in Linux. Captcha appears warped and unreadable.

      1. Linux distributions, especially RedHat (RHEL)  and CentOS
      2. Confluence v6 and above
      Steps to reproduce
      1. Insert any macro having a title, like the Panel Macro
      Expected Behavior

      Macro header (the name of the macro) renders properly

      Actual Behavior

      Strange characters appear in place of the macro name.

      1. Stop Confluence
      2. Make one or both of the following changes:
      3. Rebuild the font cache by using the following command:
        fc-cache -s
      4. Clear the plugin cache as described at How to clear Confluence plugins cache
      5. Rebuild the content index as described at How to Rebuild the Content Indexes From Scratch on Confluence Server
      6. Start Confluence
      7. Clear browser cache and verify fonts are displayed correctly

      Confluence requires some fonts to work in Linux distributions that are not included in the installation package or in the documentation as a requirement.

      In some cases, the workaround also works for file previews such as Office files and PDF.

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