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Links can't be edited or clicked on after saving the page



      When you insert a link via Insert more content > Link > Web link or the shortcuts ⌘+K / CTRL+K, the link is no longer clickable or editable once you save the page.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new page and insert a web link via one of the methods below:
        • Insert more content > Link > Web link
        • ⌘+K / CTRL+K
      2. Insert any one of the URLs with the protocols below into the 'Address' field:
        • Notes://xxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx (For Lotus Notes)
        • File://xxxxx (For local file links)
        • scp://user@ip_address
      3. Insert any text into the the 'Link text' field.
      4. Click on "Insert".
      5. Test that the link can be edited by clicking on it.
      6. Save the page.
      7. Test that the link can be clicked on and works.
      8. Click on "Edit" to edit the page again.
      9. You can see that the link is no longer editable because nothing appears when you click on it.
      10. Save the page.

      Expected Results

      The link on the page should be clickable.

      Actual Results

      The link is not clickable and nothing happens when you click on it.


      This happens because it changes the storage format of the page from:

      <p><a href="File://xxxxx">Test</a></p>



      Identifying Affected Pages
      This isn't foolproof as it may bring up lines that Confluence believes are links due to automatic formatting, however, you can try searching the database for instances of %<a>%</a>%:

      SELECT c.contentid,c.title,bc.body FROM bodycontent as bc
      JOIN content as c
      ON c.contentid=bc.contentid
      WHERE bc.body like '%<a>%</a>%' and prevver is null;

      Depending on your database, you may need to rewrite this query to be suitable for your DBMS

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