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Task Report Macro Headers field from Confluence Inline Tasks plugin are not translated.


      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Step to replicate

      1. Create a page with a Task Report Macro
      2. Change the language setting for the user to a non English language
      3. Go back to the page.

      Expected Result

      The Task Report Macro is displayed in the selected languages

      Observed Result

      The Headers of the Task Report Macro are not translated even when a different languages is selected.


      The mismatch occurs when the user's language is different from the global language. In some places, the global language is preferred over the user's.


      If it is feasible, ensure that the global language (Confluence Admin > Languages) is set to the same language as the end user's. The end user should also ensure that their browser language is set to their preferred language.

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