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Restore Space Logo behaviour for Documentation Theme until CONF-35037 is done



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Please don't resolve as duplicate.

      This is again a try to get a specific answer from Atlassian for the compromise I proposed in CONF-28275 and CONF-34676.

      1. We are using Confluence to share content with customers and partners
      2. We branded each Space with the company logo of each company
      3. We migrated to Confluence 5 - and all logos are now defaced and therefore violating the corporate CI / CD rules of all connected companies
      4. We don't expect Atlassian to return to the previous behavior - they could there rounded logo approach according to their CI/CD rules
      5. We appreciate the initiative of John Mason for CONF-35037
      6. But we can not wait until this change is done, assuming that this will take at least 6 month

      Suggestion: restore logo behavior for the Documentation Theme only

      1. Don't change the new Confluence 5 default theme because there are limitations in case of the size of logos e.g. in the navigation bar on the left
      2. But this limitation does not apply to the "Documentation Theme", there is still plenty of space on top of each page, as in Confluence 4
      3. Therefore, please restore the behavior of Documentation Theme and remove the enforcement of rounded logos for this specific Theme only until CONF-35037 is done

      We would take a pass on using the new Theme an we would migrate the entire content to the Documentation Theme.

      Probably it's just a simple CSS modification to re-enable the logo behavior for the Documentation Theme ?


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