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Use an autocomplete text input for adding groups to users



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      Atlassian Update - 23 Feb 2024

      Hi everyone,

      This is Michael Andreacchio from the Confluence team. Thank you for your interest in this suggestion.

      After reviewing this suggestion we have decided that we are unlikely to prioritise it for the foreseeable future. Simply put, the interest in this effort verses the effort required to complete don't weigh up against the set of our other priorities (more on this below). Therefore, we are closing this ticket to align with our current priorities and communicate them to our customers.

      You can read more about how we prioritise what to implement here.

      To learn more about our recent investments in Confluence Data Center, please check our public roadmap and our dashboards containing recently resolved issues, and current work and future plans.

      Kind regards,
      Confluence Data Center

      When applying groups to a user you can be presented with a list of every group on the system with checkboxes on a single page, which doesn't scale well. eg: admin/users/editusergroups-start.action?username=jmasson

      Consider using an autocomplete frother for achieving this task.


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