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Pasting specific images (base64) fails in the Confluence editor (legacy)


      Issue Summary

      Upon copying and pasting images in the Legacy editor, that are generally base64 encoded ones, it will result in a "broken image":

      When hovering the cursor over it, the following tooltip is displayed:

      missing required attribute: {http://atlassian.com/resource/identifier}value

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Copy an image from any website like this where the embedded image is base64 encoded.
      2. Paste it in the Legacy editor while editing a page.
      3. Publish the page

      In the new editor, pasting the image will not add content, as if nothing is getting pasted. If the user converts the legacy page to the new editor, the placeholder with the "broken image" value will disappear.

      Expected Results

      The image should be displayed.

      Actual Results

      A "broken image" value is displayed.


      • Save the image locally and upload it as an attachment.
      • Copy from another source where the image format is png or jpeg. This should either upload the image or have it displayed.

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