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Include page macro no longer allows to search page using the spacekey in the searchbox


      Issue Summary

      On the include page macro, it is possible to search for pages by typing its title, but is no longer is allowing to search using its spacekey: pagetitlename, as mentioned in the documentation:

      If the page or blog post is located in another space, add the space key and a colon in front of the page name. For example, DOC:My page name. The space key is case sensitive.

      This difficult finding the pages from the right space, as sometimes, the results does not appears correctly on the search box.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page in a space called A
      2. Create a space B and give it a spaceB as spacekey
      3. Create a new page on space B with the title pagetitle.
      4. On space A, insert the include page macro in a new page
      5. Search for the page in the space B by typing the space key spaceB: pagetitle

      Expected Results

      You should be able to find the page by its space key and page title specified above and on our documentation Insert the include page macro - Parameters

      Actual Results

      There are no results if you try to find the page by its space key in the search.


      Type the page title's name. It should specify from which space it is on the search dialogue.

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