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Slowness rendering IN-PAGE CONTENT when VIEWING a large Confluence page




      Issue Summary

      When first loading a page for VIEWING (not editing), IN-PAGE CONTENTS are slow to load. Example content includes and are not limited to:

      • Tables
      • Media (images, Smart Links, attachments)
      • Long texts
      • Some Macros

      To help us prioritize which performance degradation you're facing, please check that you have accurately categorized your experience:

      Theme Ticket
      1. Slowness rendering Non-Content PAGE FEATURES when VIEWING a Confluence page  CONFCLOUD-72517
      THIS TICKET 2. Slowness rendering IN-PAGE CONTENT when VIEWING a large Confluence page CONFCLOUD-72518
      3. Slowness initially rendering a large Confluence page in EDIT mode CONFCLOUD-72519
      4. Keyboard typing delays while trying to EDIT a Confluence page CONFCLOUD-72520
      5. Changes are lost and unsaved after EDITING a Confluence page CONFCLOUD-72521
      6. Inability or delay of publishing EDITS to a Confluence page AFTER clicking PUBLISH CONFCLOUD-72522

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Open a page URL in VIEWING (not editing) mode

      Expected Results

      Ex. A page with a large tables is loading the table content within expectations.

      Actual Results

      A page with a large table is slow to show the table content.


      Try removing elements on the page or splitting up the page and see if that improves the loading speed. If you are able to remove elements and see performance improvements, please share as a comment to help us narrow our focus on key elements that are slowing page performance.


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