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Table in a Page properties macro does not respect the width of the parent container




      Issue Summary

      The table in a Page properties macro does not respect the width of the container which is the parent of the page properties macro. For example, if you insert a page properties macro into the left-side area of a layout and then change the distribution of width of that layout, the table will not shrink the width when less space is available, and the macro produces a scroll bar.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Step 1. Create a page and add a layout
      2. Step 2. In the layout's left side cell, add a page properties macro
      3. Step 3. In the page properties macro add a table, set the column header setting, unset the row header setting and remove the third column so that you only have the header and a data column.
      4. Step 4. Fill out the table with some data, then start changing the balance of the layout.

      Expected Results

      The table width does not have a scrollbar and the table width fits the layout like if it was not in a page properties macro.

      Actual Results

      The width of the table does not shrink (it will grow for some reason) and a scrollbar will show up for the table, even if it doesn't need the space.


      Currently, there is no workaround other than to have the page properties macro not in a layout.


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