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Unable to Create New Pages Using Undefined Page Markup Links in Overview Pages




      Issue Summary

      If a Customer Edits a system generated Space Overview Page (that's using the Old Editor) 'quick create' links using the markup "[New Page Title]" will not create the new page


      Confluence Cloud where the New Confluence Editor (Fabric) is enabled for creating New Pages

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a New Confluence Site
      2. Create a New Space
      3. Edit the Overview Page (that's system generated) and insert Confluence Page using Markup "[New Page Title]"
        • The Page Title should be the Title of a New Page and render as a Red Link
      4. Publish the Overview Page
      5. Click the Red "Page Title" link

      Expected Results

      The User is able to create and publish a new page from this link

      Actual Results

      The Old (TinyMCE) Editor loads and is unable to connect with Synchrony; the Users is unable to publish the page

      There is a brief error message, but then the Editor Loads; this message is not seen in Console Logging even with persist logs enabled.

      UI Error messages when Editor Loads:

      Unable to communicate with server. Saving is not possible at the moment.

      The connection timed out.
      Check you can connect to the internet, then try reloading. If there's no problem with your connection, speak to your Confluence admin.

      Browser Console shows a 401 when trying to connect to the page and to synchrony


      The URLs the Markup creates is:


      This URL appears to work in other TinyMCE, non-Overview Pages; the New Pages is created using the New Confluence Editor, but, the Page Title is not populated - similar to Bug: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-64990

      However, this may not be an option in some Cloud Sites where the New Confluence Editor is the only/default option when creating New Pages; the "[New Page Title]" does not currently work in Fabric and renders in plain-text. Feature Request to use "Undefined Page Links" in the New Editor- https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-67129

      This may not impact older Confluence Cloud Sites which do not yet have the New Confluence Editor


      Create New Pages using the + button in the Sidebar or Page Tree or use the Create from Template macro


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