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Anchor links from a page placed in another one don't redirect to the anchor link




      Issue Summary

      When we have a few headers in a page, it is possible to use the header as an anchor link: https://INSTANCE.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SPACEKEY/pages/CONTENTID/PAGE_TITLE#PAGE_TITLE-HEADER
      However, this link will only bring you to the header in case it is on the same page as the header - placing this link on a different page will only bring you to the top f the page.


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      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a page with some paragraphs and add a header 1 in the bottom of the page;
      2. In the top of the page, insert a ToC macro - just to have the header link easier;
      3. Publish the page;
      4. Copy the header link from the ToC;
      5. Create a new page and insert paste the link;
      6. Publish the page;
      7. Click over the link you just inserted.

      Expected Results

      You are redirected to the page header from the link, placed in the bottom of the first created page.

      Actual Results

      You are just redirected to the page.


      Legacy Editor
      • Using the Anchor Macro in conjunction with the target page's headers will allow you to reference the Anchor name from a separate page.
      New Editor
      • Since the Anchor Macro is not available in the new Confluence editing experience, there is no workaround for the new editing experience.  (Existing feature request: CONFCLOUD-69198)


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