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Require Option to have Pages expanded on the Sidebar for the Space view



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      Atlassian Status as of June 4, 2018

      Hi team,

      We’re super excited to announce that we’ve just finished rolling out this change for ALL Confluence Cloud customers. Please check it out and help us spread the word to your team.

      In addition to the page tree in the sidebar, we’re also working on some other navigation improvements and would love to partner with you to make sure they’re meeting your needs. If you're interested, please contact us at confluence-beta@atlassian.com to join our beta program as early adopters.


      Warm regards,

      Elaine and the Confluence team

      Problem Definition

      Recently, New navigation and a new look for Confluence is introduced. The page tree no longer showing on the sidebar.

      Unless, we go to Pages, then access a page.

      Suggested Solution

      Please shows the Page Tree sidebar on Space view.

      Why this is important

      • To reduce the time and effort
        • If we leave the space, we will lose the page tree and then have to go through several clicks to get back to it - which we didn't have to do before.

      Original Request

      In the new look of Confluence, the sidebar will only display the page tree for pages within the Space OR you can select pages and a list of pages is displayed.  This is very unfriendly and inconsistent when navigating to the main Space pages.  My users all depend on that sidebar page tree list when navigating to a Space Page.   

      I am busy adding in a "{children}" macro to all Space pages.

      Please provide an option to have the Page Tree on the sidebar for the Space main Page.


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