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Changes to Confluence sidebar / page tree don't streamline the user experience



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Following the changes to the Confluence sidebar last night, I can no longer see the Page Tree without clicking on the Home Page, clicking on Pages, clicking on a Page - then the Page Tree sidebar opens up (next to the new sidebar) - where previously I could configure it as part of the sidebar by default. I'm also finding when I go to another space, and then come back, I need to step through the additional clicks to get back to the Page Tree.

      The changes have also introduced white space which is forcing additional page scrolling that now means what we could see on one page before, now we need to scroll down.

      Support told me that the changes were intended to 'streamline the experience' but I'm not sure how the changes have achieved this when they introduced extra clicks and page scrolling.

      Also, as my team is constantly using the tool all day, every day, the additional icons to track "my work" are not helpful as we typically look-up, create and edit many pages each day, therefore "recently worked on" and "recently visited" doesn't serve as a quick access tool. It also doesn't help my users who need to search the page tree or use search to find the pages in the first place.

      It would be great if the changes could be reconsidered to accommodate the feedback from users who are using Confluence on a daily basis as their key work tool rather than assuming the pain points and then modifying the user's experience to something less effective.




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