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Umbrella Issue for Page Property and Page Properties Report Macro




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding bug report.

      This is the umbrella issue to collate all issues related to the Page Property and the Page Property Report Macro

      Number of results issue:
      Page Properties Report Macro only displays 30 results

      Pagination Function issue:
      Pagination in the Page Properties Report Macro do not work
      Probably caused by:

      1. Certain Macro inside Page Properties Macro breaks Page Properties Report Macro Pagination
      2. Adding Page Properties Macro on Tables Generated with User Macro Resulted in Broken Page Properties Report Macro
      3. Page Properties Report Shows Empty Column When Formatting Is Used
      4. pagination is not working when user macro is displayed on page properties report
      5. Anonymous user unable to click paging on Page Properties Report Macro
      6. Page Properties Report Macro pagination breaks when a Page Properties includes JIRA Issue Macro value

      Outcomes in PDF export:

      1. Confluence Page Properties Report Macro Table border will not render in PDF export if the macro is inside a Panel Macro in a page.
      2. Page Properties Report Macro Export to Word or PDF only displays 30 results
      3. Confluence Page Properties Report Macro Table border will not render in PDF export if the macro is inside a Excerpt Macro in a page.

      Sort Function

      1. Confluence page property report macro: sort function seems to be broken
      2. Page Properties Report sorting on column with Status Macro's is incorrect
      3. Page properties report doesn't sort by date properly


      1. Slow load speed for page using Page Properties Macro report
      2. Slow performance of page properties report macro in later version of Confluence when having a large number of items to display


      1. The Page Properties Report macro shows no results if corresponding page properties ID begins with '0'
      2. Page Properties Report Macro fails to show all Page Properties in the same page with matching keys


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