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Make news posts simply labelled pages and allow all pages to be accessed by date



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      At present, you can only really get to a news page by it's date. The fact that news pages are so different to normal pages can be confusing for many users (eg. the question keeps getting asked: "how to i create a link to my news page") - people expect linking to a news page to be the same as linking to a normal page (eg. via title).

      Could news pages be perfectly normal pages but with a label of "news" in 1.5?

      If so, you could then choose which labels would show the calendar - eg. you might want "annoucements" and "news" to show the calendar.

      News pages, now being normal pages with a set label, could be linked to like everything else.

      When putting in a date URL it would simply list all pages who's label is set to associate them with a calendar (unless specifying a specific label in the URL in which case it would list all pages with that label on that date regardless of whether they are associated with a calendar).

      This would, for example, allow you to browse changes to a site using the calendar - you'd see on the calendar when pages where changed, click the date and it would show or list the pages for that date.

      Although this idea is embryonic, I tink it would help standardise the way everything works and add lots of flexibility if further developed.

      Any comments?


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