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Consider hosting services outside of the US



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      Status Update - July 2019

      As announced at the last Atlassian Summit in April 2019, we have now expanded the global cloud footprint of the Atlassian Cloud to the following geographical regions:

      • EU (Frankfurt, Dublin - announced in May 2017)
      • APAC (Sydney, Singapore)
      • US (east, west)

      New customers signing up to Jira and Confluence Cloud will be automatically provisioned into to the region closest to the customer. As usage patterns for that customer change, we will automatically move customer data to their region of best fit, to optimise overall product performance. From this blog:

      We’ve also improved the performance of our cloud products by doubling the number of AWS regions we support around the world. We started with the US (East and West Coast) and Dublin, then quickly expanded to include Sydney and Singapore. Most recently, we launched an AWS region in Frankfurt to improve performance for our European customers. Not only does this reduce latency and improve performance for our customers in these regions, but it also will soon enable us to offer a choice of data locality for our customers.

      For more details please see:

      With this update, we'll be closing this ticket as Resolved. We understand that certain customers will have more specific requests for regions not explicitly covered above, and we will track those requests under separate tickets.

      Atlassian Product Management

      Status Update - June 2017

      As announced at the last Atlassian Summit, a first European data-center (located in Ireland) is now available.

      You can Sign-up for our public beta offering and be one of the first customers to have their data hosted in Europe by going to: https://www.atlassian.com/trust/infrastructure

      Atlassian cloud infrastructure expands to Europe
      Today, more than 75% of new Atlassian customers start with one of our cloud products, which means our cloud infrastructure must be up to the task. We are happy to announce that our cloud hosting infrastructure is going global, starting with the launch of a new European region in Ireland. After migration to this new infrastructure, our European cloud customers will experience improved performance and reduced latency.
      We know data privacy, security, and compliance are extremely important to our customers, and we are investing heavily in all of these areas. To reinforce this effort, we’ve made a foundational change in our cloud platform over the last year and are now using AWS to host our services. This enables us to offer an increased variety of cloud deployment regions, with strong performance and local failover options.
      But this is just a start. We’ll continue to add new cloud hosting regions around the world. If you are an existing JIRA and Confluence cloud customer and you are interested in migrating your data to Europe, you can sign-up today.

      For more details please see:


       Original description:

      Various EU, Russia and AU customers have expressed interest in the availability of Atlassian OnDemand instances hosted outside of the US. The main issue with the US hosted services is

      1) Network speed to/from locations across the pond.
      2) Blocked content by China and Russia's national firewall

      This ticket is simply to help gauge the overall interest.


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