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Ctrl+F override is painful pull requests


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      Atlassian status as of March 2020

      Hi all,

      I'm excited to share that in Bitbucket Server 7.0 we shipped redesigned and optimized pull request page with several improvements you’ve been asking us, including support of the native Ctrl+F search dialog. The page will not hijack browser search dialog anymore, which will add comfort to your code review experience.

      You can find more information in the Bitbucket Server 7.0 release notes and Pull Requests documentation.

      Please, don't hesitate to leave feedback on the feature in the comments. This will help us to priorities further development.

      Anton Genkin
      Product Manager Bitbucket Server

      Original message

      It wouldn't be horrible except that in my browser, ctrl+f allows me to press enter to cycle between the N matches that are on the page. Pressing enter in stash's ctrl+f closes the find window and doesn't scroll to the next match.

      Is outputting the full file at a given commit hash then overlaying the diff a significant performance issue? Can we make it work for files up to a certain reasonable size, and only incur the poor UX if your file is over a certain length?

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