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Code search UX issues on diff views



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      Atlassian Status –  September 2019

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for providing your thoughts and votes on this suggestion. We know it's been a while since this suggestion was raised and we're sorry to have kept you without a clear answer.

      Your feedback has helped us better understand the challenges have with Ctrl+F in pull requests. Despite our lack of communication, this problem is actually one of those areas we plan to improve in mid-term.

      Thank you again for all your feedback on this suggestion and we're looking forward to give you more updates as we work on the solution.

      Anton Genkin | Bitbucket Product Manager

      Original message

      The stash pull request diff view (both side-by-side and unified) break page search due to their fancy javascript-based scrolling. Only the visible region (plus a bit extra) of the diff is stored in the DOM, so your browser's search can only find stuff in that visible region. This is premature optimization: A web browser can easily hold the entire DOM tree for the diff between multi-thousand line files.

      Related to this: a number of our developers have had issues with diffs not scrolling properly.


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