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Adding LDAP groups to Default reviewers in Project settings


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      We are currently using Bitbucket Datacenter product as our SCM tool for our enterprise ( a large financial firm). We use role groups in Active Directory to control who gets access to what permissions (read-only or read-write) within Bitbucket based on what Active directory role group (AD group) they are in. Access to the AD role groups is a fast and formal process (approval of users manager, app owner etc) so access can be audited and verified.

      Eg of role groups in Active directory/LDAP are -




      In Bitbucket, within Project settings, the current option only allows users to be added individually to either the Default reviewers or Reviewer groups. (Project settings–>default reviewers).

      Bitbucket already has the ability to add Active Directory/LDAP groups (similar to how you can add these groups under project permissions for read-only, read-write or project admin)


      Suggesting adding this same ability (as with Project permissions and external groups) to the default reviewers page, where you can add either individual users or external (AD/LDAP) groups - see attached screenshot.

      This will allow us and similar large enterprises to manage default reviewers using external AD groups based on roles and will make it a one time setting at the project level for different teams. Without the need to constantly modify or add/remove individual users to the default reviewers.

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