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Add bulk edit for deployment project permissions



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      In Bambo v5.15.7 "You can apply a consistent set of permissions to multiple plans with this wizard. Simply select the plans you want to edit and then Specify the permissions you wish to apply." from Bulk edit plan permissions located in Bamboo admininstration >> Overview >> Plans section.

      In Bamboo v6.2, Changes to permissions described by Bamboo 6.2 Release Notes introduces multiple changes to permissions to make permissions management more transparent. At the same time, a new set of REST API endpoint have being introduced (https://docs.atlassian.com/atlassian-bamboo/REST/6.2.1/) providing more flexibility to set permissions at Project, Plan, Deployment, Environment and Linked Repositories.

      However, some effort is required from users to build a script to gather the correct IDs (Project, Plan, Deployment, Environment and Linked Repositories) and to set the permission needed.

      Based on that, the feature Bulk edit plan permissions (still available in Bamboo above v6.2) could be extended to Bulk edit Deployment permissions reducing time and effort users have to expend in such customisation.


      Bulk edit Deployment permissions, having the option to select if permission(s) will be granted to:

      • Deployment project
      • Deployment environment

      Depending on the Deployment selected, present user with valid permissions to be picked from:

      • Deployment project (permission VIEW, EDIT)
      • Deployment environment (permission VIEW, EDIT, DEPLOY)


      As for today we have the option to bulk edit plan permissions. It would be useful to have the same option for deployment project permissions.


      Bamboo 6.2.2


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