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Branching with multiple source repositories



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      The new branch functionality shows great promise. But, and there's always a but, it doesn't handle plans with multiple source repositories.

      For an example setup, I have code stored in the following svn locations:


      To create a clean build of the magic-8-ball application, I need to check out all three in order and build them. If I want to branch the magic-8-ball application for release and have it depend on specific versions of its libraries, the source directories might be:


      From a functional perspective, each of the source repositories in a plan needs to be able to have a separate source repository path when building a given branch. This path for the default build, this other path when building the '1.2' branch etc.

      On the UI side when configuring a Bamboo Branch, the current location for specifying a different source repository when building for a branch is partially non-intuitive. To my mind, especially if Bamboo's concept of Branch builds becomes more central to Bamboo's operation, having the different source repositories for Branches as additional options in the Configuration -> Source Repositories -> Edit Source Repository tab would make more sense. For Branch (pulldown) use [this] repository information with [x] same password or different password etc. I really like the idea of not having to retype the same repository password multiple times.


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