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Conditional build step depending on value (or existence) of variable


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      Allow an option so that a build step is conditional on the presence or value of a variable.

      A good use case is given here https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/36658/is-it-possible-to-tag-a-bamboo-build-only-if-a-particular-variable-is-set

      A variant of this use case would be to run the VCS tagging step only if the ${bamboo.jira.version} was set - i.e. tag if the build was initiated from jira as a release, but not if the build was initiated manually or due to a repository update.

      Atlassian Update

      We have an App that allows this functionality, which can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace here: Conditional tasks for Bamboo. The App is compatible with Bamboo versions 6.7.1 and above. Please check out the App, and let us know how it works for you!

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