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Official REST API to manage rules, export/import and access automation audit logs


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      Problem Definition

      It is not possible to create, edit, delete, enable, export/import or disable automation rules using a REST API.

      In some cases, for example when creating a new staging instance from production data, it is desired to have some or all automation rules disabled or edited at once, in an automated way.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement a public REST API to allow the following operations:

      • Create rules
      • Edit rules
      • Enable/disable rules
      • Delete rules
      • Get list of rules
      • Export/Import rules


      We would like to export Jira automation logs to an external dashboarding system. Unfortunately, both the /auditlog and the /automation endpoints are internal APIs. They are not available outside Jira.


      Is it possible to expose automation-related APIs to allow us to do the following either via a Rest API or a Webhook:

      1. Export automation audit logs
      2. Create/Delete/Edit/View automation rules
      3. Export Automation rules


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