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Allow custom domains for Cloud apps



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      With Cloud apps, domains are always of the form *.jira.com (for legacy Studio customers; no longer available) or *.atlassian.net (for any OnDemand/Cloud Customers). Customers are interested in the ability for them to use their own domain names, e.g. jira.example.com. 

      Atlassian Status Update - 26 June 2018

      Hi everyone

      First things first - you're not shouting into the void. We truly appreciate all of the comments that come in on these two feature requests (CLOUD-6999 and CLOUD-7184) - they keep us honest, and are a valuable, sustained reminder of the importance of these capabilities to our customers. We definitely agree with all of you and, despite the silence on this ticket, have been working on these issues internally.

      So, what gives? Why is it taking us so long to get this done? There are a number of reasons, but here are the key ones:

      1. Secure hosted products for all customers. Serving Internet traffic over HTTP is no longer acceptable - we must support SSL for all connections to our products, including those accessible via a custom domain. We've seen a number of companies choose the LetsEncrypt route for securing traffic, and there are an increasing number of third-party offerings that could solve this problem for us. Managing the SSL certificate life-cycle through initial request, validation, deployment and renewal while delivering a comprehensive, supportable customer experience, is a significant body of work - one we take very seriously. We're continuing to evaluate options to provide a seamless and robust security offering, across both the LetsEncrypt and third-party options.
      2. Authentication. The last two years have seen the progressive rollout of a new Identity platform to Jira and Confluence. While the rollout of Atlassian accounts has enabled for single sign-on between these products, it has changed the way we need to think about custom domains and user account security. This is something we're taking the time to explore in depth, due to the significant impact that any user account issue would have on our customers. 
      3. Addressing invalidated assumptions. We need to address some fundamental assumptions in Jira & Confluence Cloud that no longer hold in our post-Vertigo world. There's no question as to the customer value this unlocks - we're working with the various teams involved to schedule the necessary effort to address this. 

      I had hoped that my next update (this one) to these tickets would be with something more concrete - that we had launched our beta program, or had a pilot program in place. Sadly, hindsight shows that my last update was overly optimistic. While I don't want to make that mistake again, I also appreciate that this update will undoubtedly frustrate watchers expecting a more meaningful Atlassian response. I'm expecting more brickbats than bouquets until we've delivered this, and rightly so.  

      If nothing else - please be reassured that we are listening, we understand the need to deliver this, and a group of passionate Atlassians are working in the background to get this into your hands. 

      Atlassian Product Management

      We receive a lot of requests for new features and improvements, so if you'd like to better understand how we make roadmap decisions, please read: https://confluence.atlassian.com/support/implementation-of-new-features-policy-201294576.html

      Atlassian Status Update - 30 March 2017

      Hi everyone

      It's been far too long since our last update regarding custom domain support for JIRA and Confluence Cloud. That update referred to Cloud platform stability and improvements to our Identity-related capabilities (SSO, SAML to name a few) as key priorities for our Cloud platform. We've made headway in those areas since then, and I'm pleased thrilled to confirm that we now have a project underway to deliver custom domain support for JIRA and Confluence Cloud.

      To address some key points:

      • This will require site admins to verify ownership of their domain, something that we've recently introduced as part of the SAML rollout - you can read more on the domain verification process here
      • Based on the current domain claim process, we will only be able to assign a custom domain to a single site. We're looking at ways to remove this limitation in future releases
      • Custom domain support will also be progressively rolled out to existing customers over time. At this point we're targeting July-September 2017 for a private beta. As always, our roadmaps are subject to change.

      In the interests in full disclosure, custom domain support will one day form part of a Premium edition for Atlassian Cloud products at additional cost, along with SAML and other feature offerings. There will of course be no charge for participation in private and public beta programs. We're currently discussing what grandfathering options we can apply for beta participants.

      Please complete this form if you'd like to participate in our private beta. The form asks a few questions to help us understand intended usage in more detail, as well as registration details for the private beta. If eligible, you will receive an invitation email with next steps once we're ready to kick off the private beta.

      I'll update this ticket again once we have further progress updates, and more comprehensive documentation is available.

      Thanks again for your patience - we appreciate the significant level of community interest in this capability, as well as the frustration that this has generated to date. There are a number of Atlassians who keep a very close eye on this ticket, and we're all very excited to be able to offer a more concrete update to you, and finally start engaging in a meaningful fashion.

      Atlassian Product Management

      We receive a lot of requests for new features and improvements, so if you'd like to better understand how we make roadmap decisions, please read: https://confluence.atlassian.com/support/implementation-of-new-features-policy-201294576.html


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