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Program crashes during start-up and unable to reinstall it


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    • Windows 10 Pro, not connected to domain

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      SourceTree worked for me but today I'm not able to run it. If I look at Task Manager I can see, that program is terminating about 2 seconds after start. None window or error message is displayed.

      I tried to reinstall program. I was able to uninstall it without any errors but when I try to run installation program, it crashes few seconds after start. I checked %AppData% folder and found error message in a log file. Don't know how to interpret it.

      I do not installed any new software lately. Only some automatic updates from Microsoft.

      I creaetd ZIP file with all files from PROFILE\AppData\Atlasian folder but can't attach it because "JIRA could not attach the file as there was a missing token."

      Log file contents:
      ERROR [2017-09-25 22:07:02,239] [1] [SourceTree.App] [.ctor] - finish EnsureSquirrelExecutionStubIsCopied
      ERROR [2017-09-25 22:07:02,398] [1] [SourceTree.App] [OnStartup] - Failed to start
      System.NullReferenceException: Odwołanie do obiektu nie zostało ustawione na wystąpienie obiektu.
      {{ w SourceTree.Notifications.NotificationsManager.SetOwner(NotificationDialogWindow notificationWindow)}}
      {{ w SourceTree.Notifications.NotificationsManager.ShowNotificationDialog[T](NotificationDialogWindow notificationWindow, Tuple`2 customAction, VistaTaskDialogIcon icon)}}
      {{ w SourceTree.Notifications.NotificationsManager.ShowNotificationDialog[T](String title, String message, Tuple`2 customAction, String cancelLabel, String suppressionSetting, Action`1 suppressionChangedAction, Object contentControl, String contentCommandLabel, Action contentAction)}}
      {{ w SourceTree.Notifications.NotificationsManager.ShowNotificationDialogWithYesConfirmation(String title, String message, String details)}}
      {{ w SourceTree.Configuration.WpfSpellCheckerPreFlightCheck.Run()}}
      {{ w SourceTree.AppRoot.RunPreFlightChecks()}}
      {{ w SourceTree.AppRoot.OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)}}
      {{ w SourceTree.App.OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)}}

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