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Removal of repository bookmark sidebar makes it hard to work with submodules



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      In the current version, I have bookmarks for the submodules of my repo organised in the bookmark tree. Within this tree I can see in a glance the status of the submodules (changed files, pending merges etc).

      This feature makes it easier to handle submodules, as it is already hard enough to cope with them given the complex concept of GIT regarding to submodules.


      In the beta version, you have removed this possibility (because of space, as I understand). Because of that I don't see the information when I work on the main repository and would have to click through different top-tab pages to see the same information.


      Please reconsider and make the bookmark bar available again (optional). It would be enough to display the bookmarks of the folder the repo was opened from, a tree (as in the current bookmarks) is not essential for my use case.


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