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SourceTree doesn't pass beyond the Log in to your Atlassian account page



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      SourceTree does not go beyond the "Log in to your Atlassian account"

      I've upgraded the latest version 1.8.2. After the upgrade, the application is opened and it stops after the first page which deals with the license agreement. I've tried both buttons the "Go to My Atlassian" which opens my Atlassian account and shows the Source Tree license that was acquired when I first installed SourceTree. I downloaded the license file as I thought that what was the installer was expecting so that it will be imported later. The installer stayed on the same page. Neither a dialog, nor the buttons changed to move forward with opening the application.
      Then I tried the other button "Use and existing account" and it took me to my account profile. Still I couldn't move forward with opening the application.

      I clicked on the X on the top right corner to see if closing it, will open the application to import the license but it closes it. Opening it again takes me to the first page "License Agreement".

      As it is, the application cannot be used in Windows 7. I don't know if this happens with upgrades but it is a serious defect.


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