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Interactively rebase always aborting when a merge is necessary



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    • 1.6.8, 3.0.8
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    • Git
    • SourceTree for windows, Windows 8.1, Java JDK 1.7

    • Severity 2 - Major


      When I try to perform an interactive rebase on a series of commits, if I squash together commits and check amend comit (or don't) that require a merge to fix conflicts, then it fails every time (which it should), but when I hit close the whole thing aborts and cancels the rebase, instead of letting me perform the needed changes

      I can manually perform the rebase if I start it from sorucetree but don't hit close after it first fails. However, that's through the terminal, and just a workaround, and will not be accepted by the rest of my team.

      We are planning to use this for a workflow with pullrequests and merging the code review changes together with a squash/fixup, without this we can't do use the GUI for everything.

      I can reproduce this locally with a virtually trivial merge... take a code file, add 3-4 commits in a row to a branch each only adding an additional adjacent linefeed. This forces a merge and the above described problem.

      I was told this was fixed for 1.6:

      However that does not appear to be the case.

      I have a question on answers as well:


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