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Sourcetree version 3.3.6 (latest) - cannot update branches, stage files etc until force refresh



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      A lot of other developers at my work experience the same issue with the latest sourcetree version 3.3.6. We had to downgrade to 3.1.2 which is the latest stable version.


      I think 3.3.7 behaves in the same way. as 3.3.6, so is also unstable.


      The jira menu below asks me to report a bug on a specific sourcetree version, however 3.3.6/7 isn't an option on there, so I will submit the latest version that does come up in the dropdown - 3.2.2, however I am sure that version is actually fine. Not sure why the latest versions don't come up in the dropdown. Within the actual sourcetree it prompts me to upgrade to 3.3.7, so I assume this dropdown on Jira is out of date.


      ISSUE DESCRIPTION - Affects 3.3.6 and 3.3.7:

      When you update to another branch, the view still shows that you are on the previous branch. Once I close the app completely and reopen, only then it is then obvious that I have checked out another branch. So it does update in the background, however the view isn't updating correctly.


      Similarly when you stage files, it shows them in the unstaged section until I shut the app down, reopen it and then find them in the staged section. 


      Similarly creating a new branch - it doesn't show the new branch on the side bar at all until shutting down and reopening the app.


      Im using windows 10 if this helps.


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