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OS X SourceTree constantly crashing while fetching Gravatar images


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      SourceTree is neigh on unusable these days (has been for several versions), because it segfaults about once in every 2-10 operations. Operations include:

      • Install command line tool (this is super reliable, crashes like 99% of the time when I try this)
      • Add file to index
      • Commit
      • Probably lots of others. It's like just about any time you click the mouse in the UI.

      Looking at the crash log, it seems to ALWAYS occur while decoding a JPEG it's fetched over the network or something (see crash file attached)

      Using tcpdump/tcpflow and watching the network requests, it looks like the JPEGs in question are being fetched from gravatar.com; when I fetch the URLs manually the JPEGs look just fine, so not sure why it'd be causing the failures.

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