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Boards went missing after migration with JCMA


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      Issue Summary

      On Jira Server, we are allowed to link a software board with a business project. However, this is not allowed on Jira Cloud.

      • On Jira Cloud, we must specify the board location to either a software project or a user profile.

      Because the migrated boards are linked to a Business project, they are not accessible after the migration.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. On Jira Server, create a business project: Project A
      2. Then create a software board, with Board from an existing project option.
      3. Choose Project A from the list
      4. Migrate Project A to Cloud

      Expected Results

      All boards are accessible

      Actual Results

      Software boards, that are linked to a business project, are not accessible.

      • JCMA shouldn't be allowed to link the software board to a business project, if this is not allowed by Jira Cloud.


      Contact Support to either:

      • Option 1: Set the board location to a software project
      • Option 2: Set the board location to a user profile


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