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Unable to set Due Date field using the Look and Feel configuration



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      Issue Summary

      Importing Due Date in the format set in the Global Settings (look and feel) causes the import to fail for Due Date field as it uses its own format YYYY/MMM/dd.
      When importing the Due Date value, it gives a warning that Jira was unable to parse the value.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Have the look and feel set to display and use dates in the format MMM/dd/yy
      2. Have a CSV file to import and set the Due Date
      3. At the CSV import wizard set the date format to match your data format MMM/dd/yy

      Expected Results

      The import should finish with success mapping the Due Date field as expected.

      Actual Results

      It gives an error that Jira was unable to parse the date format.


      Use the default format at the CSV file (I.e 03/Mar/20 12:00 AM) and at the import wizard leave the default format suggestion: dd/MMM/yy h:mm a


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