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Consider making the Confluence Assistant migrating Global Templates



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      Issue Summary

      When migrating Confluence from server to Cloud, and using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, the global templates will not get migrated as they are part of the global settings and since essentially this is a space migration, it's expected that the global templates don't get migrated.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Confluence Server
      2. Create Global Templates
      3. Migrate the spaces and users to the Cloud
      4. Check the global template section in the Cloud.

      Expected Results

      The Global Templates would get migrated.

      Actual Results

      The Global Templates do not get migrated.


      No workaround as of yet.

      Previous workaround - but under investigation as we've discovered some issues with it, particularly when Cloud is using the new editor and pages in Server was on the old editor.

      1. Install on your Confluence Cloud one of these two apps:

      Source Editor for Confluence OR Page Source Editor for Confluence Cloud

      2. Copy the Storage Format (source code) of the Global Template from Confluence Server.
      3. Paste the codes into a Confluence Cloud page via the Source Editor plugin.
      4. In a new tab open that global template.
      5. While both pages are in edit mode, copy the contents from the new page in Step 3 into the global template.

      If you need assistance executing this workaround, please, reach out to support.

      Note: Keep in mind that if you have any macros or other features that are only available for Confluence Server, the template will not work in Confluence Cloud.


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