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Support the Migration of Team Calendar for Confluence



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      Issue Summary

      Currently, Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant doesn't support the migration of Team Calendars and it would require the manual works:

      Suggested Solution

      • Support the export/import of Team Calendar data
      • Provide the REST API to bulk export/create the calendars
      • Ability to migrate Team Calendar data using Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

      Why this is important

      • Team Calendar is one of our most used plugins and it could be hundreds or thousands of calendars created within the instance
      • It's not feasible to manually export/import hundreds or thousands of calendars
      • When we perform the migration from Server to Cloud, we are hoping to minimize the data loss after the migration.


      Use the team-calendars migration script. Full details are in the README of the script.
      Please note that this is not an officially supported tool/script, so this is intended to be used as is with thorough testing until an official migration method is released
      Please see the README for details on supported and unsupported calendar events. For instance, Jira Project Events are not migrated.


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