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JCMA error "Jira Work Management is not available on your cloud site" prevents migration to cloud


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      Issue Summary

      JCMA introduced a new preflight in 1.7.3 that blocks the migration if Jira Work Management(JWM) is not present in the destination cloud site and either of the following conditions are satisfied

      1. Some groups have product access to Jira Core on the server site.
      2. Some Business Projects are part of the migration plan.

      This is reproducible on Data Center: yes

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install Jira Core (Jira Work Management) product on DC
      2. Use a cloud site where JWM is not installed. 
      3. Use JCMA and create plan to migrate JWM (Business) projects
      4. JCMA pre-check will flag missing Jira Work Management Cloud product as an error

      Expected Results

      Some groups have product access to Jira Core on the server site - If this condition is satisfied, the migration should be blocked at pre-flight. 

      Some Business Projects are part of the migration plan. - JCMA should proceed with the migration. 

      Actual Results

      JCMA blocks the migration in both the conditions.  


      The second condition (Some Business Projects are part of the migration plan) is an unnecessary condition that blocks the migration. If the second condition is the only reason why customers are blocked by the preflight, they can use the FF - com.atlassian.jira.migration.skip.jwm.in.cloud.preflight.check to bypass the preflight without the migration failing due to this reason.

      To mitigate the first condition there are two solutions.

      1. Install JWM on the destination cloud site.
      2. If installing JWM on the destination cloud site is not feasible (Either destination is a Sandbox Cloud Site or some other errors are encountered while installing JWM or customer simply does not want to preserve the product access of groups to Jira Core), then customers can use below SQL command to remove product access of Jira Core from all the groups containing it.
      3. Customers are strongly advised to take a backup before deleting product access from their groups.

      For issues related to sandbox, please refer this ticket - MIG-1169

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