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Status becomes blank in Sprint Report if the issues are no longer in the same Status as during Sprint completion




      Issue Summary

      When Sprint is completed, the Sprint Report will be generated with the information at that point of time. However, should the Issues in the Sprint Report is currently in a different Status, this would render the generated Sprint Report to display the Issues with blank Status.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a Project with Scrum Board
      2. Create a Sprint with Issues
      3. Complete the Sprint
      4. In the Sprint Report, take note of the Issue Status
      5. Transition the Issues to different Status
      6. Refresh the Status Report. Should the Issues are now in different Status, it will be shown as blank.

      It seems the Bug would only occur if none of the Issues in the Sprint Report is currently in any of the Status recorded in the report. So let's say 2 issues were in 'Status 1' when the Sprint is completed, hence shown in the Sprint Report. Should only 1 of the issue is transitioned to a different Status, the Bug would not occur. However, if both Issues are no longer in Status 1, the Sprint Report would display the Status as blank.

      Expected Results

      The Sprint Report would show the Sprint Report according to the recorded data at the point of the Sprint completion

      Actual Results

      The Sprint Report would display blank Statuses if the Issues are no longer in the same Status when the report was generated

      In the screenshot, I transitioned QQQ-17 to a different Status to show that the Bug also affects Completed Issues




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