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Failed attempt to create an Epic Link displays message confirming its successful creation


      Issue Summary

      In Jira Software Server you can restrict editing authorization per status (e.g. Approved) to a particular group by setting "jira.permission.edit.group" to a particular group (e.g. Approvers). It means, that only users belonging to the group "Approvers" can edit an issue when it is in status "Approved". Creating an Epic Link requires edit permissions for both linked issues. When you try to create an Epic Link as a user, that is not a member of the group specified in "jira.permission.edit.group" setting your attempt will fail (which is expected). Unfortunately, message confirming successful creation of an Epic Link will be displayed anyway. It is misleading and confusing.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a group "Approvers" (user, that you use to reproduce this steps must not be in this group).
      2. Set property of a status (e.g. "Approved") in project's workflow: jira.permission.edit.group.1 -> Approvers.
      3. Create an Epic (e.g. ABC-100).
      4. Create a Story (e.g. ABC-200) and keep it in Backlog.
      5. Move the Epic to Approved status.
      6. Edit Story -> Put "ABC-100" in Epic Link field.
      7. Click on "Update" button (bottom-right).
      8. Pop-up will be displayed "ABC-200 has been updated".
      9. Verify that no link has been created in Epic nor Story.

      Expected Results

      Message stating, that Epic Link creation failed due to lack of required permissions.

      Actual Results

      The below confirmation message is displayed:

      ABC-200 has been updated


      1. Do not use "jira.permission.edit.group" setting.
      2. Add user to the group specified in "jira.permission.edit.group" setting.
      3. Add a group, that the user is a member of to "jira.permission.edit.group" setting.

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