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UX: Facilitate natural discovery of global looping transitions



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      Natively, Jira counts with a great and very convenient feature: global reflexive transitions.

      However, that feature is really difficult to discover, as it currently requires to:

      1. Enter the workflow editor in diagram mode.
      2. Click on the Add transition button (please, note that the most popular method for adding transitions is drag&drop on status nodes).
      3. Select Any status in the From status dropdown field.
      4. Select Itself in the To status dropdown field.
      5. Add a Name & click on the Save button.

      Counting with more intuitive ways through the UI for creating this kind of transition would be desirable.

      Maybe it would be a good idea prompting a dialog on creating a looping transition (a transition from a status to itself). The dialog could show a concise text and a couple of buttons:

      • Text: Looping transitions are frequently useful from other statuses too. Would you like to create a global looping transition?
      • Button 1: Make global
      • Button 2: No, thanks

      Additionally, a Read more or icon would ideally link to a documentation page which explained the advantages of using global looping transitions.


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