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Jira Software app not installing properly with the 7.2.5 distribution due to bad build


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      JIRA 7.2.5 distribution does not install JIRA Software Application. This includes:

      • tar.gz installation package 
      • zip installation package 
      • linux 32 and 64 bit installers
      • windows installers

       upgrades via installers also corrupt JIRA Software Application the vanila 7.2.5 installer does.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Download the 7.2.5 (.tar.gz version) Download JIRA Software Server - Atlassian
      2. Install JIRA
      3. open JIRA site after setup is complete,
      4. navigate to Cog Icon -> Applications

      Expected Results

      The JIRA Software application is installed and functioning

      Actual Results

      The JIRA Software application is not installed yet.
      JIRA Core is installed, but not JIRA Software.


      Checked through catalina.out logs, but there do not appear to be any failed plugins to load. Hence the concern is that perhaps some component was not installed, or not included in the download package. Can't reproduce this with 7.2.4 and previous versions, so there must be something different about this release/version. 


      After installing JIRA via installer, download and install JIRA Software directly from JIRA Software - Version history. The 7.2.4 version of JIRA Software is compatible with your existing JIRA 7.2 installation so this is safe to install.

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